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Well Hello,

At Trademark Inspired we blend the beauty of hand painted art and modern design to create stationery that is rich in style, layers, and texture. In a word full of digital design, we produce products that are true to its trade and take paint to paper. That means our art is hand painted, sketched and drawn and our lettering is penned by hand. In our work you see every brush stroke, feel every inspiration, and notice every detail.

Meet the gals

Candi, the artist. Naturally gifted and self taught. 

Candi is fun loving and sweet with a pinch of salt. She is newly married (Whoo-hoo!) and loves spending her free time relaxing with the hubs and her Aussie pups, Hank and Murphy. She is notoriously competitive when it comes to board games and has a knack for finding the best hidden treasures at local flea markets. Besides Trademark, one of her favorite hobbies is piddling around her garden and perfecting her green thumb.

Nicole, the designer. Innovative with a creative mind. 

Nicole is witty and down to earth. She loves spending time with her two littles, Olive and Sam. 

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