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We create stationery with a vision:

  • Original artwork

  • Signature venue maps and statement piece art

  • Inspired typography and layouts

  • Details layers and texture

At TradeMark Handmade Inspired we pride ourselves on being one of the most innovative custom paperie around! Through handcrafted details rich in color, texture and original artwork, TradeMark strives to create concepts that are far from the cookie cutter invites of the past.


With the hands of an artist and the skills of a designer, TradeMark is revolutionizing what it means to truly offer custom stationery. Staying on top of the trends and the ability to mix the best of modern and vintage, our handmade details create an authentic element making your wedding truly unique.


Aptly named, we have an innate ability to put your stamp - your "TradeMark" if you will, on your special event.


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