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Let us impress you and sweep you off your feet. First things first, give us a call. We will set up a meeting to discuss your event, your ideas and inspirations.  Now we're not looking for a commitment on our first date we just want to get to know you!

Once you decide we are your dream paperiers, we will get to work. We will meet again to discuss details - papers, color palette, fonts, images, style and vision. We sketch up ideas and start creating a mock up.

* a mock up deposit is required to produce a sample. The deposit will be credited towards the balance of the entire project.

You're in control. All TradeMark products are custom, therefore, costs per project range depending on the design and intricate details of your package. Once we create a mock up, we'll provide an estimate for your project. Based on your vision, we can suggest ways to make your project reflect your reality whether by perfecting it with interesting finishing touches or by simplifying with class. Don't be shy about this, we respect your vision and your budget.

Now that you are in love with TradeMark, we move to the next step. We present you with a tangible mock up of your invitation. Together, we go over it in detail and make any changes or revisions necessary. We go over the production timeline and solidify the details of our partnership.

Once we have approval of the final mock up we will begin production. All products will be ready within the agreed upon timeline.  Then it's off to the post office and in your guests' hands to be awaiting your big day!

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